This was one of Jan’s quick retorts to an opinion of Stan’s she figured was particularly dumb. He took a few seconds to get it then roared with laughter.

And that about sums up the nature of the relationship between these two iconic ‘word warriors’ who made Beauty & the Beast such a must-watch television phenomenon for a decade. It was a relationship of passionate disagreements, of fiercely held opposing views, but a relationship which resolved conflict with good humour.

Secretly, (very secretly because neither would give an inch) there was lashings of respect between Stan and Jan. But let no one be fooled; their donnybrooks were for real... reality television at its best!

And no one should doubt how sadly Stan’s old sparring partner regretted his passing.

Funny Bits #4
- Beauty and the Beast 2001
Jan VS Stan! Beauty and the Beast 2001
Funny Bits #6
- Beauty and the Beast 2001
Funny Bits #3
- Beauty and the Beast 2001
When Did You Get Your Dicky-Dock Cut Off?
- Beauty and the Beast 2001
Jeanne Little's Alien Encounter
- Beauty and the Beast 2001
Stan Zemanek fights with and throws book at Jan Murray on "Beauty and the Beast" (2001)
Rose Hancock Porteous vs Jan Murray - Beauty & the Beast 1998
Jeanne Little Pours Water Over Jan Murray - Beauty & the Beast, 2000

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