Dear Jan,
I was delighted to be able to attend the launch of your book and glad that I had had the opportunity to read most of it before the launch.  I have now finished it and remain extremely impressed.  You are a wonderful writer with both clarity and brio, while your percipience on a whole range of issues is noteworthy.  While I am aware that you admire Germaine Greer, I actually feel that you show far greater congruence then Greer on feminist and related issues.  Your story is an extraordinary one at many levels and you have been to hell and back on several occasions.  
Thank you again for including reference to the Black Dog Institute in the book and congratulations again on such a wonderful production.  We will help to promote it but I imagine that it will build up momentum with increasing 'word of mouth' recommendations.
Best wishes,
Professor Gordon Parker
Executive Director Black Dog Institute

Just read your book. I found it so interesting. Laughed through a lot of it and have just finished crying through the last chapter. Thank you!

Great book Jan. Thank you for keeping me enthralled on a  lonely weekend. Keep well and happy, love Jenny - Jenny

Hi Jan!
" was quite marvelous. warm, funny, thought provoking, forthright and so interesting; not one dull moment. " - Pete

I Have just finished reading your book, it was a wonderful journey down memory lane, many of the events I remember most vividly, and often questioned the worth of public life. Your journey of darkness is one I share although thankfully not to the same depths of despair.
It truly is one of, if not the best book of life I have ever read, congratulations, it is a masterpiece. - Phil

Just finished  "Sheer Madness" and what a good read it  was. I was totally taken by the  first few paragraphs of your childhood…Now in semi retirement on the  Sunshine Coast Qld.  Thanks for the  book and the fond memories it  bought back. Good Ol Days - Kev

Dear Jan
The book is absolutely wonderful, it is open and raw and you lay yourself on the line, warts and all. Such honesty – a credit to you.  You are one of the most courageous women that I now have the pleasure of saying I know. You have had an incredible journey, exciting, painful, sad, funny, romantic and magical.
 As I read it I felt such a connection with you, the places, some of the experiences… Lynne Dalrymple Australian Screen Industry Network (ASIN)    

Congratulations and Bravo to you on one of the most spectacular entertaining Memoirs that I have ever read. From the moment I picked it up, you took me into your own private world, one that I found fascinating. I've always followed you and admired you since that amazing 60 minutes expose, but more so stood by you during Beauty and the Beast where you truly showed the world the guts, stamina and fortitude that you have. I never however realised the depth of despair and the private suffering that you endured in recent years and it was that that  made me even more proud that people like you exist in the community. You had me laughing, deep in thought and even in tears, but let me assure you that my tears were in happiness for you and the wonderful life you have achieved. Please please write a sequal  as Im sure you have many more stories to tell warts and all.  God bless you - Gary

Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the new  book. I had a 9 hour flight to Hawaii and it went in a flash. Glad you are  doing ok now. Have you ever thought about getting your own show?? I thought  you were great on B&B. Best  Wishes - Alan

hi Jan have just read your book.loved it. i could relate to so much of it. i think you are an amazing and strong woman.i wasnt in the spot light but my life has a lot of simaralities. hope you keep growing strong from a fan. - cheryl

I listened to your ABC Radio interview this morning re your new book. I am going to suggest your book to a friend who is going through a hard time …. after I have read it myself. I connected with your interview on so many levels.   - Marianne

Hi Jan…A long time since I have read such honesty. Congrats on the book, I loved it! - Chris

Jan, I would like to congratulate you on your book.  It was an honest insight into some wonderful and some very difficult times in your life.  I think your book will save many people who may be on the edge.  It is important that your experience is understood and shared.  Thank you for sharing your life. - Dan

Dear Jan….A friend of mine borrowed it and when she returned it she told me it was hilarious. So I started reading it a couple of days ago and finished it in the early hours of this morning.I must say it did make me laugh at first, but towards the end I was nearly in tears.
The account of your life so far is interesting, funny, tragic and very poignant. I enjoyed it very much. - Lyn Brown…A&R Bookstores, Batemans Bay


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