Jan Murray's memoir is a book which explodes with honesty. The author, known to millions of Australians as the Cabinet minister’s wife who rocked the nation with her cheeky 60 Minutes revelation of love on the desk and has spent the past decade as a controversial panelist on Beauty & the Beast now goes hell-for-leather to tell her story.

And what a story. A kid from a working-class family who left school at fourteen, married at twenty, had five children by the time she was twenty eight, discovered feminism, pursued her independence, earned a university degree, became a Canberra political insider, ran one of Australia’s most successful PR companies, mixed it with princes, pop stars and presidents and then metaphorically, hit the wall.

There was no warning. Had I not bought that glossy fashion magazine and flipped to the back pages where the social butterflies strutted their stuff, I might not have slipped into madness. But I had a date with Fate. My life was about to change dramatically.

The final chapters tell of the author’s journey through madness, an insider’s account of the bipolar condition, a frightening window onto a total psychotic meltdown and a hard-won recovery.

No one will put down this book unsatisfied. It’s a story packing a mighty punch, often funny, often enlightening but always entertaining.

Harlequin MIRA


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